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Global Presence. Our Global Manufacturing Footprints.

Bharat Forge’s global presence have helped the Company increase proximity to a diverse customer cross-section and strengthen the ability to cater to customers through a dual-shore based model.

Bharat Forge Aluminum USA, Inc

Location: USA


Light Vehicle / Pass Car Industry.

Bharat Forge Aluminum USA, Inc. in Lee County is part of the Kalyani Group, an Indian-based company that designs, produces, and supplies aluminium automotive components for the auto industry. It's a greenfield facility that commenced manufacturing in 2021.
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Kalyani Mobility Driveline

Location: USA



For over three decades KMD has been serving to the industries like truck, military, and aerospace with customized high precision machining, complex CV joints, half shafts and prop shafts. The primary focus has been on concept development, prototypes for the alpha build as well as small volume production.
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Bharat Forge CDP

Location: Germany


Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles Railroad Components, Construction machinery.

Bharat Forge CDP designs and produces complex, lightweight and high-strength forgings including machining and assembly for the automotive and industrial sectors.

Bharat Forge
Aluminum Technik

Location: Germany


Premium passenger vehicles.

Bharat Forge Aluminum Technik has excellent knowledge in developing chassis parts and provides innovative aluminium forging solutions for the automotive industry.

Bharat Forge Kilsta

Location: Sweden


Commercial Vehicles.

Bharat Forge Kilsta AB, Sweden Obtains Environment Product declaration for its forged steel products. Click on read more to see the details.

Mecanique Generale

Location: France


Industrial (Oil & Gas).

Mecanique Generale Langroise is a precision machining company that manufactures high value added and critical components for the oil and gas industry globally.

Bharat Forge PMT
Technologie (BF-PMT)

Location: North America


Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, Industrial sectors.

Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, Industrial sectors such as Construction & Mining and their allied industries. Bharat Forge PMT Technologie is a leading supplier of engines and chassis components to a diverse group of customers across Automotive and Industrial sectors.