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Empowering individuals with knowledge, confidence and skills

At Bharat Forge, Community Development programmes are aimed at making women more independent. This is done through skill development, social get-togethers and small scale business support platforms.

We have observed that when women come together, they display higher levels of confidence which makes a difference in their emotional well-being. As part of our community development initiatives, we impart various vocational trainings to the women from different communities to enhance their self-dependency and develop entrepreneurial skills in them.

Effort and Impact

Community Development Projects

Our initiatives have touched the lives of 3500+ women.
  • Self-employment
    23 women

    from getting different training from community center.

  • Self Help Groups
    60 community women

    are getting direct employment by stitching uniforms for BFL

  • Health Checkup Programmes
    3500 community women

    are getting benefitted

  • Other programmes like Sessions, Competitions, Get-togethers, Trips Etc.
    900 community women

    getting benefit and living happy life.

  • Tentative Yearly Income of
    60 community women

    Rs. 1,384,602

  • Education Programmes
    120 girls receiving

    sponsorship for higher education

  • Mission Sanitation of Schools
    4091 girl students

    are benefitted

Our Programmes

Bharat Forge conducts various

vocational trainings and competitions

for the women members of its Community Centers at Hadapsar, Vadgaon Sheri & Mundhwa.

We believe good health is vital for the overall development of women, to help them carry out their daily chores and activities with ease.

More than 3500 women

from our communities have benefitted from the health awareness programs, checkups, Cancer Screening Camps, medical tests and workshops organised by us.

Yoga for Good Health

We keep organising various Yoga sessions

to help women in our communities keep fit and healthy through regular exercise and fitness programmes.

1,725 Children + 235 Community People Benefitted

Bharat Forge Ltd. in association with Patanjali Yoga Samiti and Art of Living held yoga sessions for close to 235 community people from three different communities and 1,725 children from four government schools.

Cancer Screening Camps and Health Checkups

Cancer Screening Camps with Haemoglobin Test and awareness sessions were organised with the support of Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune and NGO - Samavedana.

Total 1,388 women from Chikhali, Gangapur, Chapatewadi and Kalewadi benefitted from this initiative to raise health awareness among the village women.

Medical Tests were also conducted in villages - Rui, Pimpri and Pawarwadi in Koregaon, Satara. 404 women were a part of this camp.

Stress Management Sessions for Women

Stress silently affects a lot of women, hampering their mental health and overall well-being. This is especially true for women belonging to lower income group, as they continually face challenges in their daily life. On the occasion of 'International Women's Day', Bharat Forge had organised sessions on stress management for the members at Vadgaonsheri, Hadapsar & Keshavnagar community centers.

Around 185 community members attended these sessions, who were guided by Ms. Jyoti Bendale & Ms. Sonali Mate from Bharat Forge.

Bharat Forge has set up composter
planters in 70+ households
at Keshavnagar.

With kitchen waste getting converted into good fertilisers, the response towards this initiative has been promising with a number of kitchen gardens coming up. These natural fertilisers help the plants to grow well.

Training programmes in designer bag making are held for women.

An activity aimed at making them self-dependent.

Success Stories

Manisha Bhogar

During a bag making training program at Sasane Nagar (Hadapsar), one of the participants – Ms Manisha Bhogar had an inspiring journey laid in front of her. She joined the training one week late, however in spite of that, she trained with complete dedication and covered the backlog.

After the training, Manisha learnt about more varieties of bag making and even completed a fashion designing course. Today, she is a well-reputed garment designer in Hadapsar and even designs garments for fashion shows.

It was Manisha's dedication and hunger to grow which led to her success. We are proud to be a part of her success journey.

Mask Making Activity

Women from local communities were trained to make cotton masks during the Covid-19 pandemic to cater to the community demands. Workshops were organised for stitching around 10,000 masks, which were actively attended by members from the community and self help groups.

Women in the remote villages often travel miles to access clean drinking water as well as to collect water for sanitation and cooking purposes. Bharat Forge contributed funds and helped in planning water security in the villages by developing pipelines, storage facilities etc. This enabled easy access to clean water and helped the women avoid strenuous journeys for water collection.

Water at doorstep statistics

  • District -Satara, Taluka - Koregaon

    30,000 ltr

    2800 villagers

  • District -Satara, Taluka - Koregaon

    30,000 ltr

    2000 villagers

  • District -Satara, Taluka - Koregaon

    50,000 ltr

    2800 villagers

  • District -Satara, Taluka - Koregaon

    25,000 ltr /
    10,000 ltr

    1800 villagers

  • District -Satara, Taluka - Koregaon

    1,00,000 ltr & 1,50,000 ltr

    12000 villagers

  • District - Pune, Taluka –Ambegaon

    10,000 ltr

    1200 villagers

  • District - Pune, Taluka –Ambegaon

    10,000 ltr

    1200 villagers

  • District - Pune, Taluka –Ambegaon

    40,000 ltr

    2275 villagers

  • District - Pune, Taluka –Ambegaon

    10,000 ltr

    300 villagers

Income generation program of the self-help groups at Hadapsar, Keshav Nagar, Vadgaon Sheri

  • Activity Centre

    Stitching by
    all three communities

  • Activity Centre

    Bag & Bangle making
    and Lamp making

  • Activity Centre

    Making papad and other eatables

    Activity Centre

    Total Income
    Of Women

Our Community Development Initiatives

World AIDS Day

Diwali Exhibition

  • Diwali Exhibition & Sale is one of the most the awaited events in our communities. Various stalls are set up by the members of self-help groups from Hadapsar, Mundhwa & Vadgaon Sheri community centers. The key objectives of this event is to develop entrepreneurial skills in women.

  • Diwali Exhibition & Sale is one of the most the awaited events in our communities. Various stalls are set up by the members of self-help groups from Hadapsar, Mundhwa & Vadgaon Sheri community centers. The key objectives of this event is to develop entrepreneurial skills in women.

Anti-Tobacco Drive

We organised poster exhibition on No Tobacco Day at Hadapsar, Keshavnagar and Vadgaon Sheri community centres to create an awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.

Recreational Activities

Honing Skills

Essay writing competition was organised for the women in our community, to help them hone their skills at writing and expressing themselves.

Interactive Sessions to Initiate Conversations

Ms. Caroline Nicholls from Bharat Forge visited community centres to interact with women and applauded their efforts.

Annual Get-togethers

Bringing forth hidden talent

The annual get-togethers are aimed at bringing forth the hidden talent in our community women, these get-togethers are also intended at applauding, motivating and rewarding every participant.

Annual Get-together 2020 (Haldi Kumkum)

In the year 2020, the chief guest was Mrs. Sunita Kalyani. The event was attended by other esteemed women members of The Ladies Club – Mrs. Tandale, Mrs. Saletore, Mrs. Bhatia, Mrs. Mahajan, Mrs. Swami, Mrs. Sharma along with Mrs. Jangle - Corporator, Hadapsar and Mrs. Kodre – Elected Member ZP, Pune.

Cultural Performances
Cultural performances are organised to bring out the talent in women across our communities.
  • Cultural Performance at Vadgaon Sheri Centre

  • Dance performance at Hadapsar Centre

  • Cultural Performance at Mundhwa Centre