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Rail Business. Leading railway engine parts manufacturer of wheel sets, truck frames and rail components in India.

Bharat Forge leverages its advanced manufacturing technology to supply critical engine components to all major railway networks globally.

With an increase in the investments in mass transportation, we as a leading railway engine parts manufacturer, are leveraging our technological advantage and skilled human resources to grow our product offerings for the Railway sector.

As a railway engine parts manufacturer, we make a variety of railway components that are much in demand in the railway industry. These include Engine components such as crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, deck ends, retainer cylinder heads; Turbochargers like Machined Compressor Impeller, Turbine Wheel Impeller Balance Assembly and Turbine Disc Bucket Assembly; various bogie components and Power Electronics.


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  • Crankshafts for rail engine, manufactured by Baharat Forge, a leading railway engine parts manufacturer.


  • Connecting Rod

  • Carrier Plston

  • Piston Crown

  • Top Deck End & Center

  • Retainer Cyl Head

  • Turbine Wheel Impeller Balance Assembly

  • Machined Compressor Impeller

  • Turbine Disc Bucket Assembly

  • Gearbox Support

  • Motor Support

  • Primary Support

  • Machined Locomotive Axle

  • Forged Gear Blank

  • Forged Portal Axle