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Healthcare Initiatives. Encouraging a good healthy lifestyle.

Bharat Forge has taken multiple initiative towards healthcare related issues through programs and seminars directed to create health awareness amongst people.

Health Clubs

Bharat Forge has formed five Health Clubs in Pune at Mundhwa, Hadapsar & Vadgaon Sheri with 45 women in each club. The clubs constitute of those women who have participated in the Health Check-ups organized by Bharat Forge.

Meetings are conducted monthly and following points are discussed:

Health Check-up & Awareness Programmes

Various health check-up programmes like blood sugar level and PSA, urine, eye check-up, dental check-up, etc. are being conducted at Bharat Forge Community Centres. Along with check-ups, Health Planning Meetings & Workshops are also being conducted. The aim of such programs is to promote healthy society.

Along with Health Check-up programmes, seminars are given by Bharat Forge CSR Team to raise awareness about good health by undergoing timely medical check-ups to diagnose illness (if any) in its primitive stages to avoid future fatalities. Various health & habit related topics are also discussed to maintain a good healthy lifestyle.