industrial manufacturing Set up

Center for Advance Manufacturing
(CAM) 80mtr. Ton Hammer
Large Components for energy sector, hydro carbon exploration sector,transportation including aerospace, rail & marine Baramati 47,250 TPA
Machining Capacity at CAM Supply of machined components, crankshafts & other components for rail & Marine Baramati 12,000 Nos.
Heavy Forge Division (HFD)
4000 T Press
Components for renewable & non-renewable energy, oil & gas, mining and general engineering application. Press can forge ingots up to 70T. Pune 60,000 TPA
Machining Capacity at HFD Supply of machined components for windmill, oil & gas and power Satara 1,400 Nos.
    Pune 600 Nos.
Ring Rolling Facility Large rings & Gear blanks for various sectors up to 4000 mm in dia Baramati 40,500 TPA