Bharat Forge is one of the few green forging companies in the world,
with majority of its power produced by renewable resources.
Over the years Bharat Forge has created world-class capacities and capabilities.Our forging facilities consists of fully automated forgings press lines ranging from 1600T to 16000T. With a global installed forging capacity of  560,000 TPA, BFL India (Mundhwa Plant) is the world's largest single location forging facility with an installed capacity of 300,000 TPA. All forging press lines are highly flexible, which gives the company the inherent advantage to simultaneously meet different customer demands and optimize production . This allows Bharat Forge to meet the growing demands of its customers continuously.
16,000 MT 60-250 I-Beams & Crankshafts & Connecting Rods
12,500 MT 60-250 I-Beams & Crankshafts & Connecting Rods
10,000 MT 80-120 Steering Knuckles, Crankshafts & I-Beams
8,000 MT 20-90 Steering Knuckles, Crankshafts & I-Beams
6,000 MT 20-50 Steering Knuckles, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods & Lower Control Arms
5,550 MT 20-50 Crankshafts for Passenger Cars
5,000 MT 10-50 Control Arms, Steering Knuckles, Lower Control Shoes & Truck Shoes
4,000 MT 5-20 Steering Knuckles, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Swivel Hubs, Knuckles, Control Arms, Heavy Duty Pistons, Wheel Carriers,
Upper Control Arms, Track Shoes & Brackets
3,150 MT 3-10 Connecting Rods & Steering Knuckles
2,500 MT 2-5 Connecting Rods, Transmission Components, GET Tips, Camshafts, Knuckles, Upper Rear Control Arms & Pistons
2,000 MT 2-5 Tips, Camshafts, Knuckles & Pistons
1,600 MT 2-10 GET Tips
80 Mtr Ton
2.5T & 4.5 m long Large components for Energy Sector, Hydro Carbon Exploration
Sector including Fracing. Transportation including Aerospace, Rail & Marine.
Ring Rolling Up to 4000 mm in diameter Large Rings & Gear blanks for various sectors
4,000 MT 70 T Products for sectors such as Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Steel, Power, Gear, Cement, Ship Building, Press Vessel, Petrochemical & Sugar
Industry. Shafts for the Wind Energy & Power Generation sector, Well Heads & X-mas Tree parts for the Oil & Gas Industry and Pinion
Shafts, Gear blanks etc. for the Capital Goods sector.
1,600 MT 17 T Products for sectors such as Sugar Industry, Cement Industry & Material Handling, Mining, Shipbuilding, Fan & Pump, Oil & Gas